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Jay Findling Overstock Liquidation Through J Finn Industries

Having overstock lying around can be a headache. It occupies a lot of space and does not bring in profit. It could also cause mental clutter as you think about what to do with excess stock. It cost you money so you do not want to see that investment going down the drain. J Finn Industries can help you deal with this problem.

It does not matter what situation led you to the position of having overstock. It could be that you invested abroad only to receive a cease and desist once you had already received your product. You could also have a purchase order that was not honored leaving you with a lot of product and no idea about what to do with it. Instead of letting your stock rot in storage, Jay Findling finds a solution by buying off your excess stock and selling it to other smaller networks. This brings you money, which is a return on your investment. It also frees up storage space for other items and allows you to concentrate and continue conducting your business with a view of makin…